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About Us

Established in 1968, Eastway Tank, Pump and Meter Limited (Eastway Tank) is a custom manufacturer of tank trucks for both the North American and international markets.

Eastway also offers complete service capabilities: shop and mobile B620 inspections, repairs and meter calibrations. We also have significant expertise with tank and pumping system remounts. 

Registered with Transport Canada and Measurement Canada.  Authorized Motor Vehicle Inspection Station (MTO).

“The Eastway Difference”:

Companies of all sizes choose Eastway year after year for these key reasons:

Units manufactured by Eastway Tank are engineered for a variety of applications, and can be found operating in locations ranging from major urban centers to the Arctic Circle and Africa’s Sahara desert. Our customers span 4 continents. 

You’ve got choices with Eastway when you’re ready to have us build your next truck. We’re a dealer for best in class tank and other component manufacturers. Our commitment to quality can be seen in the products we use. 

There’s more to “the Eastway Difference”:

Eastway Tank is also your reliable source for specialized parts. We don’t just stock a comprehensive range of pumps, meters and registers, but also those hard to find items that can quickly get you back on the road again. Plus, everything we stock is available for same-day shipment. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to help. 

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Your Eastway Team

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Neil Greene, President

613-226-1525, ext 24


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